Physical Therapy

We offer services and treatment for a wide range of orthopedic and sports injuries.

Strength & Conditioning

We develop specialized programs for post-rehabilitation, injury prevention, wellness, and athletic performance enhancement.

ART (Active Release Technique)

We provide the gold standard in soft tissue treatment for overused muscles.

Why City PT?

We are devoted to offering the highest quality Physical Therapy available. We offer various services and treatments to treat many common conditions. Our Physical Therapists have extensive experience in orthopedic and sports physical therapy, and we continue to hone our skills through a commitment to continuing education and advanced clinical training.

In addition to Physical Therapy, we offer post-rehabilitation and return to sport programs for patients who wish to take their fitness and/or game to the next level.

City Physical Therapy, serves the people in the Soho and Tribeca area in zip codes 10013, 10012, 10003, 10007, 10014 and in Midtown for patients working in zip codes 10018, 10001, 10010, 10016, 10017, convenient for people commuting through Grand Central, Port Authority, and Penn Station.

Latest News

Let’s talk Kevin Durant! Despite the hype of him returning to #game5 of the #2019nbafinals last night, KD was ultimately forced out of the game during the 2nd quarter on crutches and a boot, by what was a re-injury to his right calf/Achilles. . The calf muscle actually describes a group of two muscles: the gastrocnemius (gastroc) and soleus muscles. Both of these muscles extend down towards the ankle and become the thick tendinous structure of the Achilles. (Swipe left to see 2nd pic.) . Working together, the calf muscles lift the heel and point the toe. This is the motion involved in standing on your tip-toes, pushing through a step when walking, or as you initiate a jump or run. (Pic 3) . There is a spectrum of how the calf/Achilles can be injured: less severe injuries include strains of the muscle or minor tearing of the fibers of the muscle, to more severe injuries including full thickness tears of the tendon requiring surgical reconstruction and rigorous PT. . Return to sports with a calf injury can take anywhere from a few weeks with a strain, to a few month or a year if surgery was required. This depends on the degree of the original injury. Rehab will require training to restore muscle length, strength, endurance, control, and most importantly, tolerance to impact and explosive movements such as jumping, sprinting, cutting and more. . The steps to recovery for each individual are different. This is why you shouldn’t overcome these injuries alone. If you’ve sustained a calf injury, let us help you! Contact us to see how we can work to restore your full potentials! Link in bio. . 📸1: @espn 📸2: Netter’s Anatomy textbook . . . #kevindurant #nbafinals #wethenorth #strengthinnumbers #calfinjury #calftear #achillestear #achillesstrain #goldenstatewarriors #torontoraptors #basketballfan #anklesprain #pain #roadtorecovery #healthiswealth #Achillesrehabilitation #rehabilitation #physicaltherapynyc #nycfitness #fitnessmotivation #cityptnyc #newyork #injuryprevention #cityphysicaltherapy #nycPT #healthcaretech #CityPT @ City Physical Therapy, PC

Back at the grind! We ask an important question today: what should you expect with pelvic floor PT? Or better yet: does pelvic PT always mean internal examination? . Pelvic floor PT is meant to examine the bones, muscles, nerve responses and function of your pelvic muscle in the same way that your neck/knee/shoulder is examined. In fact, when you’re seen for pelvic PT, we almost always examine your hips/back/core as well! . Unfortunately, it’s scary for patients to hear internal exams, often it’s automatically associated with pelvic exams at the gynecologist’s office. But this simply is not the case. During pelvic floor PT exams we: ❌ don’t use stirrups ❌ there are no speculums ❌ no swabs or samples are taken ✅ its ONE gloved finger with LOTS of lubricant ✅ we walk our patients through EVERY step of the exam . While it’s not mandatory for an internal exam/treatment to happen for every patient, we do stress that it’s important for you to be examined/treated internally if you are suspected of having pelvic floor dysfunction. Just like muscles in every other part of your body, we need to be able to touch and feel for where problems might be, and intervene at the source of the problem. . If you’ve put off pelvic floor PT before, because you just didn’t know what to expect or it was too scary, call us and let us help you navigate this process! Contact in Bio! . . . #incontinence #postpartum #menopause #pelvichealth #womenshealth #pelvicPT #gynecology #physicaltherapy #pelvicrehabilitation #rehabilitation #physicaltherapynyc #nycfitness #fitnessmotivation #nyc #soho #midtown #uppereastside #cityptnyc #pregnancy #newyorkmoms #supermoms #newyork #injuryprevention #CityPT